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Town Hall

10814 Kenilworth Avenue
Garrett Park, MD 20896

Town Hall Phone: 301 946-1578

The Town Hall is a facility used for civic and social functions. It has a hall with a stage and a full kitchen making the town hall suitable for receptions, parties, weddings, and performances. Capacity is 75 persons. It is available for rent by residents and non-residents. For information and reservations contact the Town Office. For the Town Hall Use Permit, click here.


A chapel, for both nondenominational and Episcopal services, was built in 1897 with funds raised by a canvass, a mortgage, and financial assistance from the Episcopal Bishop of Washington -- with the understanding that the building would "revert to the P.E. Church" in 1910, a date that was periodically extended until 1952. (Garrett Park residents made the $22.20 monthly mortgage payments only until March 1901, when the Bishop agreed to assume the remaining indebtedness.) In 1953, the P.E. Church sold the chapel to the Seventh Day Adventists, who built an addition to the back of the building and installed toilets. It was purchased from the Seventh-Day Adventists by the Town in 1968 for use as a Town Hall.

Photo from Garrett Park, Maryland : A Scrapbook 1898-1998, edited by Paul Edlund, Published by the Town of Garrett Park, MD, 1988